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«Watch of your skew field, if you like, that your mind worked correctly».


Some years ago I have paid attention to circulars which one were renewed regularly on the Sochi publicity boards by the beautiful man, as if descended from a photograph raznochinnoj XIX-th century intelligency. It brought and snug stuck new newspaper bands of materials about new domestic yields of corporation "Head lamps-maol". I began to read Sergey Borisovicha Ar-temenko’s circulars about squash and watermelon oils. And since the maiden lines of the specification statement of their therapeutic action per capita, I have perceived that these drugs display properties degelmintikov on small parasites — trematodov, bacterioses, funguses. Having properties of antiinflammatory reclaiming action, oil bahchevyh crops as can heal wounds from prokusov both vacuum cups in organs and the systems which are getting rid of parasites. I have purchased some small bottles of oils, have validated under the Vega-test for corporation "Имедис" instruments their action on parasites, and it has appeared that my guesses have justified. Yes, it is exact — if the yield has fortifying an effect, it almost always degelmintik, saving a blood from parasites. It is necessary to create conditions only for leadingout of the perished parasites and to cease contact to secondary infection radiants. Such requirements at us at health School. We have solved to be acquainted with yields of corporation "Фармаол" and to apply them in the program of School of health. Were from the very first days spotted both singularities, and differences of watermelon and squash oils.

Pumpkin-seed oil is a means for environmental sanitation of an intestine, an internal and a blood.

Watermelon-seed oil displays the greatest effect in a control with the urogenital trichomonad, funguses in the field of the genitourinary system, to given rise rocks, polyps, to cysts in buds etc. Specially as the regenerating factor watermelon-seed oil congenially influences health of men after a purgation, general deworming, veins of a fundament from assemblies of trichomonads. Gradually and steadily prostatites and an impotency leave in the past. Watermelon-seed oil displays unique properties of environmental sanitation of buds and sexual system at men, women and children. If to value properties of squash and watermelon oils as degelmintikov, prescriptions of their application in national medicine and the effect of their activity featured by specialists become more clear.

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«… Life is yielded everything, but an old age only by favourites…».

Other Ellada. Rocks

The school of health "Hope" accepts on round of 200 persons. Wishing to master the program of refinement of an organism and antiparasitic handling much more. However for many self-supporting operation on deworming is impossible in the absence of means-degelmin-tics. In the spring 2000 I have applied to scientists-pharmacists with the request to yield the agenda of grasss which one, in their opinion, could constitute the first aid kit or the exhibition-sale in drugstores of Russia of "Grass-degelmintiki".

Scientists not only have yielded me the enumeration of grasss, but systematised them and have tendered a method of cooking from them drugs which one are easily dosed, are very friend in the dwelling, afield, in-process, in a carrier and are accessible at the price.

More than hundred plants in working scaffolds and fields of Russia can come to the rescue today of any of us in the most miscellaneous edges and fields. It would be desirable to believe that disinterested aid of scientists-pharmacists with gratitude will be accepted by herbalists, phytotherapists and then will occur in grass-degelmintiki drugstores in assortment. It also will be the effective collective help to those who could not arrive to health School.

To the thinking specialist, was possiblly, this agenda becomes a starting point for the start in a control with a global infection — hearts-parasites and funguses.

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Recently pharmaceutical industry has exhausted on the market commodity — flints, rectal candles, sweet gums with oil of a tea tree. The effect from application of this commodity at our School of health after 1-eneralnoj dewormings with a goal of the struggle with funguses has appeared rather high.

I am assured, expensive reader that you have read has already undressed about funguses-parasites and perceive that funguses if they have attacked your fingernails or hair, it always illness of interior character. Specially the intestine which one walls are worm-eaten by funguses heavily operates. More often the hemorrhoidal band so is attacked by funguses that on fundament escaping presence of wounds is felt. Case after getting rid of an oxyuris settling the slots in a fundament not is better is. The hardest complications after funguses originate at a hemorrhoids. At a purgation, dewormings, a considerable quantity of clysters of a means with oil of a tea tree work perfectly. At health School the engineering of application of rectal candles from a line of drugs of a tea tree is mastered.

In composition of oil of a tea tree enter more than five hundred biologically active materials — Aethers, alcohols, glju-kozidy, tanning matters, alkaloids, flavonoidy, vitamins, etc.

After School of health many investigators have a chance to be saved of funguses in an intestine, on a skin, fingernails, hair and one of means to victory over these parasites oil of a tea tree — the ancient unique means possessing preservative, antiinflammatory and deodorizing activity is.

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Right after its appearances in the Russian market it has occurbed and at us at health School. We have started to complete a protivomikoznuju procedure a year later proti-vogelmintnoj. We searched for characteristic yields. protivomikoznym foodstuff linseed oil is such. Investigators of School of health "Hope" start to accept it from 8th day of abiding in School when as a result of general deworming the bulk of helminths has perished, and funguses can go to rapid growth. Linseed oil application on slackened funguses from degelmintikov a wide action spectrum promptly saves the person of this infection. And further, the trick — to live, creating for the organism natural purity, substantiating the immunodefence and protivomikoznye properties of an organism. In this case linseed oil — a perfect means.

Flax — one of the most ancient cultivated plants. The flax cultivation had major propagation to Ancient Egypt. From countries of the East the flax has penetrated into Greece, Italy, in countries Western and the Eastern Europe. In terrain of Russia the flax is cultivated from the most ancient times.

Linseed commodity was used and used in national medicine of slavs and the people of Europe as antiinflammatory and a purgative, at dermal diseases, combustions, at diseases of breathing organs, an asthma, a podagra, rheumatic disease and other diseases.

In scientific medicine from linseed oil make a drug "Linaetholum" which one apply at dermal disorders: combustions, radiation damages, cankers, etc., and also for protective treatment and atherosclerosis treatment.

The linseed oil gained from seeds of a flax of oily sorts by cold pressing, contains a significant amount of vitamins and others biologically active materials, useful to a healthy delivery. Special it is necessary to mark containing in linseed oil (in %) polynonsaturated acids:

• a linolenic acid — of 62,90 % (With 18:3, omega-3); «a linoleic acid — of 15,98 % (With 18:2, omega-6);

• an oleic acid — of 13,44 % (With 18:1, omega-9).

In a human body necessarily there should be a balance sheet of acids omega-6 and omega-3 which one as it is demonstrated by scientists, — is essential in life activity of the person.

If omega-6 is available, besides linseed, in sunflower, soybean, rapeoil, mustard, olive (slightly) oil omega-3 is available in enough only in fish tallow and, the most important thing, in linseed oil. Uniqueness of linseed oil consists in it. And, the linseeds, growing in northern regions (Tver), are richer with nonsaturated acids, than seeds of southern regions.

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Melon-seed oil — is made while in trace amounts, its price high enough. Is the perfect means saving a skin and a hypodermic tissue from small parasites — a herpes, funguses, etc. Has perfect cosmetic properties, it is used while only in production of elite flints. The French vendors of cosmetics with melon-seed oil recommend to their women with a tender skin in the capacity of a natural bleaching agent.

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Long since in Russian national medicine the water-melon is used as strong diuretic and a febrifuge. Green peel of a water-melon in a crude or dried type refines an intestine state at a colitis (specially at children), contributes in its regular operation and deduction from an organism of superfluous cholesterine In a water-melon bunch vitamins In, carotin, Acidum ascorbinicum, folic acid considerable quantity (approximately as much, how much in green vegetables), vysokousvojaemye Saccharum (primarily a laevulose), iron and a cellulose considerable quantity are discovered.

It would seem, a water-melon — completely not oily crop and to gain oil from its seeds it is impossible. But thanks to the new production engineering elaborated by specialists MNPK of "Farmaol", impossible becomes real.

Treatment-and-prophylactic properties of watermelon-seed oil are very high, even in comparison with the pumpkin. At watermelon higher indexes on biologically active materials: carotin (primary vitamin), tocopherol (reproduction vitamin), bunch vitamins In, With, RR. It is fabricated of seeds of the water-melons cultivated in the Volga region on purpose-built bahchevyh fields of join MNPK

"Farmaol". Immersing the most useful part of the solar spectrum and accumulating in itself the most valuable devices of zinc, selenium, potassium, a foetus the bulk of the useful matters accumulated and oscillated by it then transmits "children" — to seeds which one in turn then will yield life to other plant. Having learnt to derive from seeds oil, scientists from "Farmaola" began to gain the valuable substance, sparing life not only this vine crop favourite by all, but also many people, suffering affliction diseases of buds, an avitaminosis, a baldness.

Watermelon-seed oil application is rather effective at any diseases of buds. Specially at rocks in them. Modifying the physicochemical composition of urine, watermelon-seed oil eliminates the parent of formation of rocks. And by that prevents development of nonreversible changes in buds, contributes in passage of uric acid from tissues in a blood and boosts leadingout by its buds, dilutes and washes mucus, beneficently influences removal of inflammatory processes in urinary system, and also affects the acid-base balance sheet of an organism. At urolithiases watermelon-seed oil by performance considerably exceeds such drugs, as "Uradan", "Aethamidum", "Blemarenum".

The optimum content of a healing mineral of zinc in watermelon-seed oil contributes in prompt healing of wounds, combustions, refines appetite, reduces fatique, increases body resistance to taints. In cosmetology it is applied to treatment ugrevoj eruptions, and also is a perfect means for speedup of growth of hair, it is useful at the strong hair fall. The major content of reproduction vitamins, With, carotin in watermelon-seed oil is effective for protective treatment of a canker, and also benign tumours of mammas and a prostate (adenoma).

The selenium which are present at watermelon-seed oil, contributes in recovery of health of hair, fingernails, muscles, red bloody globules, detoksiruet harmful chemicals, diminishes hazard of disease by a canker.

The national aiming to be treated only by natural natural drugs not incidentally since their durable application does not cause significant by-effects, saves of malaises at which one the modern synthetic drugs are sometimes powerless (and occasionally «treat one, but will cripple another»). The nature itself tenders us the rich storage room. It is necessary to dispose wisely only of knowledge which one were saved centuries in prescriptions of folk healers and sorcerers.

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Many heard about miracle properties of a pumpkin and a squash seed. The well-known Arabian doctor Ibn Sina (Avitsenna) in the tracts «Book of recoveries» and «Canons of a medical science» termed a pumpkin «as a drugstore in a miniature». The bases for such statements at it were the most severe. The pumpkin is almost all table of vitamins and the microelements indispensable for life activity of a human body. It is natural to guess that a squash seed as the substance yielding afterwards life such huge gdlodu (some copies of pumpkins grown in the Volga region, attain sizes and weight of the miniature woman). How here not to recall the Cinderella favourite by all and its wonderful carriage from a mature pumpkin! Pumpkin-seed oil is included in all elite drugs for prostate treatment, GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, a liver, buds, cholecystites ("Will write down", "Kop-rovit", "Prostate-about", "Peponen", "Fuzheron", "Fes-tal", "Prostafin"). Such popularity speaks that it — one of the best radiants of zinc for our organism. Zinc is very necessary to men (in 6-8 times-more than to women) from the date of a birth and to death.

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Dear friends! I want to tell to you about singularities of this book why I write now so much about parasites why so a lot of attention has given to national education.

If you already read my maiden operations about parasitic diseases «the Empress! Izbavi mja from chervija harm th…», «Strip! From parasites» certainly remember that I have featured worms and as them term as term the illnesses caused by their implementation in human skew fields, and further I featured hospital means — poisons against each worm. Then I firmly believed that each worm should be etched the poison. Certainly, I perceived, how, buds and other organs of the person the liver will suffer affliction from drugs — poisons against hearts. However… The medicine of the diverse did not tender.

When at my School of health began to work under the program «Strip! From parasites», I have seen a pattern of infestation of each investigator 17-20 types of helminths and 15-20 types of funguses, I have perceived that it is impossible after all to apply at once to the person so much poisons. It will perish more likely, than hearts. The task was formed:

1. To discover degelmintiki and protivomikoznye drugs of a wide action spectrum. Drugs should be very accessible, whenever possible, are approached to the natural state, are not dangerous to a gastrointestinal tract.

2. To discover drugs — foodstuff which one would heal wounds and the destroyed tissues hearts. Further it was necessary to discover drugs — foodstuff which one would recover, regenerated eaten by hearts and funguses organs.

3. It was necessary to complete means of leadingout of corpses and ptomaine from the perished helminths and funguses from a skew field of the person.

4. It was necessary to add all in system:

• refinement of an organism,

• a delivery,

• soaring,

• breathing gymnastics,

• an occupational therapy,

• exhibiting of a vertebrae,

• a silicic delivery,

• killing of helminths of all types,

• killing of funguses,

• recuperation of organs and to complete the circuit how to live further?

The system should be physiologic!!! Complex, and all keyings should be simple performed by. And means — inexpensive and eurysynusic nye in Russia.

Steady force of an organism is necessary — to slay worms at once at implementation in a skew field. The medicine states that immunodefence against hearts is not present.

It not so. And we know now it. Another matter that from parasites it is impossible to grow immunodefence in a bottle. It occurs at people with a pure intestine and the pure blood, not using alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics.

The dirty person with an intestine as the run-off ditch, with a blood teeming with trichomonads, hlamidshshi, tokso-plasmas and the other muck flavoured with chaffers of funguses, is a hydrotransporter for migration of parasites.

And the skew field of the person in blanket is a dirty tent where robbers have prepared. The beautiful clothing of the person, a post and a major bin is only advertising for a hell — where surgery, oncology, immunology, genetics on kurih legs, far from Premudrosti Bozhiej about Life.

Program "clock mechanism" "Day after day" grants the right and a capability to everyone to gain immunodefence against parasites.

Completing the circuit — how to live further? — You perceive that everyone can live without parasites even in our world of parasites generally and people-parasites.

And now I will tell to you, my dear friends, a terrifying story from life of girl Nadi as it got out of the world of poverty, a mud and parasites of 59 years. I was this girl. To me already all the same. My life — is for a long time already the visual aid for those who wants to live. From me all my relatives were failed. But in human life it is is relevant only that it was abandoned by the Lord yes has not deprived of its reason.

How much myself I remember: in the childhood, something tingled, as rollers, in an intestine. Was ill under the right rib, pulled at the left (the malaria has gobbled up a lien), pottered about in a fundament, the head was ill, and it was always terrible, when there set in night. The monogynopaedium was major, the father, neither soaps, nor clothings, neither shoes, nor nutriments in a prosperity worked only… Night queues behind bread where it was necessary to be considered, and to children too, in 3 and 5 mornings, behind water of queue at water-pumps. Children perished, and it trenched communal graves noulichno.

When already went to school, in our very small cabin (10-12 м2) have installed electrical equipment and the radio, have canceled cards on bread. There was on sale a soap, and here Saccharum — only by 19 years.

G Of the clothing at Nadi was not. But there were dresses of sisters ^i clothes of brothers which one mum altered manually.

The father brought another’s railings of shoe from a market. Burn all on a flap. A mattress — a night bed on everything, mum unripped in the summer, deleted it, torrefied on the summer sun, and again — for a year.

When I was 10 years old, the big brother has come from war and after 8 years of service to armies. To it have delivered a small ferrous bed, as… To the warrior, and me as the most small that did not freeze, have supposed to sleep with the brother-soldier. So some years were prolonged. Once the father has assembled all already matured children and has told that we will plot a lodge. It has cut down two trees — to plum and zherdelu which one we loved very much, has dug out a wide circular pit. In land it has appeared a lot of clay. All of us wore buckets all night long water for 3 planning quarters from a pillar, flooded clay. Strewed on it straw and barefoot masticated knee-deep in clay while the father has not yielded a team to make an adobe.

He has made some forms of boards, sinked them in a barrel with water and laid rjadkom on land. We trailed buckets clay and pledged in forms, then took out them. And clay remained in the form of a nice glossy reddish brick. When they have dried up, the father with muzhiks has added from them one more hut, have straddled it, have made in it timber floors and have settled out a monogynopaedium part. Then in 15 years I had a sand bed. To my astonishment, on my mattress (a sack typed by straw) and a pillow (a sack typed by corn leaves from spadixes) pillowcases have mounted and have laid a sheet. It was very curious and interesting. One year after a birth nobody logged me in the REGISTRY OFFICE, waited: can will die not to arrange death. So made all. Toys were — splinters of the broken plates and more something with musornikov.

In 15 years I have received about one very interesting particulars in life of people — people can eat from desktop — maiden, second and third… It appears.

I went to school always perfectly well. And all ten years gained laudable reading and writing «for excellent successes and good behaviour». To us made grafts, validated on pediculosis, searched for main and dress louses. Sometimes discovered in clothings of bugs which one too lived with us. But anybody and never inspected us on parasites.

To the tenth graduation class (and has concluded it with a medal) I was very thin, the head always was ill and prevailed against fatique.

In my sick head smarmed, as bees, thoughts on life worthy the person: in the pure dwelling, a dwelling unit, with a table cover and fantastic titles of rooms: galley, a bedroom, a cabinet, a bathroom and… Really it can be, a W.C. (Not in the street from shafts of a seed of sunflower and corn, and a true W.C.).

I have left to study to Krasnodar. The father and mother have assembled everything that could, have purchased the maiden beautiful coat, dresses and other. The word "institute" sounded in our poor monogynopaedium as hope that someone will break.

The small, thin, feeble girl of 17 years with major scythes has left to remove together with classmates a grape in Anapsky region. Slept in tents on 80-100 persons. Nights were cold. Were harboured, who as could, thatched mattresses on top. Girls offset camp beds. To be warmed. Who lived afield, in brigade cabins, there was warmer, at once 20-30 persons in one sand bed. All have made friends. The clothes were retiring and it diversified, dressing all all to whom that will get and will approach.

In 10 days in scythes louses were got, it was necessary to obtruncate and make them electromarcel. Weeks through two-three there was an event about which one there was nobody to tell till now.

In our miner’s city there was a high tailpipe pollution carbonic oxide: sweet woods many did not grow, therefore I did not know taste of pomes, a grape, a pear-tree, mno gih baccas. On vintage with first-year students I have gorged on for the first time a grape. The remaining nutriment me did not interest. I ate and ate for days on end a grape. And during the lunchtime also water-melons. And somehow from my intestine many hearts of miscellaneous templets have during the day rushed in. During the day — about a bucket, and then more and more, but is more narrow gradually. W.C.s was not, I hid in the ranks of a grape. And then covered them with earth. (A grape and water-melons — degelmintshsh).

In 3 months I have arrived home, and my mum very much was surprised: as I was well modified — the cattle has left, I became more healthy, successfully mastered sports gymnastics, have drawn out session on the heightened grant, in the evenings studied on courses of instructors of mountain-foot tourism.

In 21 has married. The life regimen, specially deliveries was modified. The monogynopaedium was very well ensured — on desktop always wine, meat, a fish and etc. and the cattle, illnesses has again come and. „Infertility. I was ill often. The husband had passions, and I have sued for divorce and have left to the Far East. Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Kuriles, a public catering on the vessel, constant checkouts of health. In my sanitary passport always there was a die —"is healthy", and I felt that a misfortune in me. And here, in 1968 at night through a mouth of me has got out ascarides. The horror has held down me. I reached on the passing vessel from haul region in Bering sea Vladivostok standing. It was treated from askaridov by oxygen, the core at acquaintances, used a blanket outdoor W.C., blanket ware and to that was glad. Cried every day… From a hopelessness. The mistress of a dwelling unit where I lived, was the doctor, but also she has not suggested anything to me, except as:« They at all are! ».

Repeatedly to iterate treatment (and I think that I was infected every day), remained on specialisation in a nucleonics laboratory of Dalrybvtuza and worked three months with strontium formation samples, being exposed to radiation (helminths very strongly unstrand from beaming). After treatment has married and has given birth to the son. Has returned to the native land and again began to be ill, the son was ill also. Worked on a meat-packing factory. Where a mud and a cadaveric fluid, flies and everything that the person slowly perished in a satiated state is simple. Hearts love meat. On a meat-packing factory all eat a lot of meat, therefore their hearts trouble a little — at them «the delivery balanced for hearts». But here not everyone can deduce yields of life activity of hearts from itself(himself). From toxines of life activity of hearts the person is ill, they oppress also worms. Helminths transfer in an extrahazardous state, select poisons to slay more feeble. Small as the trichomonad, create assidenous assemblies — swellings grow. Funguses sprout in thick department of an intestine, clamping fecal masses-blockages to intestine wall, are conveyed with a blood in a limfosi-MAIN STEM PIECE, in all organs and parts of our skew field. Colonisation of a skew field by helminths and funguses reduces working on meat, a fish, milk, to death is much more prompt, than usually living. Because eat free of charge, «from a paunch». And in the nature it is necessary to pay for all. Life of workers of a meat works, molkombinatov and fish-departments and their children it becomes frequent a change in repayment for meat.

In true the sense of a word Meat is unclosed. Mja — you me (eat), With — then I you I (will eat).

In 1979 physical examination in separation of the functional preliminary treatment to me skazani that I can arrange physical inability because of the acquired flaw of the mitral flap and Bekhterev’s progressing illness. To me then was not also 40.

Strange condition: on steep turns of my surprisingly perfect fate to me always there are scientists-Armenians. There was such event and in 1979. The doctor talked to me very frankly. He has told that I will soon lie and perish, as Nikolay Ostrovsky. He very explicitly asked me on the childhood, about operation, about monogynopaedium and all was surprised that I on legs. It to me has not made out drugs, has sent to the district doctor to arrange physical inability on disease. In the end of our lecture he some times has iterated about necessity much to move and feasibly physical to work.

All remaining I has featured in the earlier manyplies. And to you, dear friends, it should be clear that the person is salvaged by reason. I — a flesh from a flesh of distressful Russia many times perishing from miscellaneous misfortunes. Now she slowly perishes from hearts and other parasites.

Here and confirmation to that. From numerous my mail yesterday I have taken for you only one letter — women of 35 years, the doctor, from a region camp Tanks, the Novosibirsk region. The letter I bring to you without abbreviation, word for word. Only a name and a surname I do not point. Such letters from doctors of hundred. Doctors I come to us with the misfortune. And any they not enemies to the people. In discharge of the stray have got incidentally. An education system at us such.

«Hello, Nadezhda Alekseevna.

Has read your book «Strip! From parasites» also it was not retained not to write. It is a little about itself. Call me Valentine, 35 years, I live in the Novosibirsk region in the river of the item Tanks, married, I have 2 children. On a trade the doctor, but at present out of work. I was very much tampered with by your book, the hope ‘ has installed and at the same time I have absolutely despaired. Because so much errors have committed in relation to the health. And School of health yours it is very far, and as it would be desirable to get to you, to talk to the person who substantially helps people. But it is impossible. At me a problem — parasites. And, it is visible, they at me for a long time, since the childhood. Felt always not very well, a nausea, vomiting, intestinal gripes. Anywhere discovered nothing. In 1980 (15 years) rested in Pyatigorsk, an appendicitis attack, and have operated. All like would be normalised. But a little later, has started to trouble a liver and to the present day. In 1986 the maiden attack zhelchekamennoj. Process was afraid to make, has solved to be occupied with cleaning. In 1987 has made 4 cleanings of a liver on Malakhov. Has quitted all much, it was heavy after these routines, but then 1,5 years I felt perfectly, was corrected, have got prettier. But that is characteristic, rocks in a gallbladder became even more. And then it is again bad, pains, a nausea, a sleeplessness, temperature 37-37,5, and so 2 years. Doctors, of course, on rocks wrote off all. One doctor only on US to me has told: «Search for parasites». Searched it is useless. Assayings perfect. And now, in March is more narrow absolutely, absolutely to death drove. Has grown thin on 40 kg, a sleeplessness. The complete loss of appetite. Pains in all skew field. Also it was solved on process. On March, 28th have operated, without complications. Rocks of 10 pieces, large, firm that a rubble. And parasites have discovered, ljamblii, opistorhoz. Not without reason speak:« Dissection will demonstrate ». And the surgeon has told that a state such only from them — reptiles. But why could not discover them earlier? Yes as for us sanepidemstantsija works, it is better than it and was not. Has transited month after process — at me the state is returned to the former: temperature 37,5 and etc. I Come to the surgeon, he speaks:« They are parasites you exasperate, it is necessary to etch ». On May, 10th has etched opistorhoz biltritsidom. And here has transited 4 months, but I would not tell that I perfectly feel myself. And wilt, a nausea, a burning sensation any in a mouth as though pepper black has gorged on. To the doctor-gastroenterologu went to Novosibirsk, he has told that it is nerves — parasites destroy first of all the excitatory system. And generally them to tamper with it is impossible are our cohabitants. In Novosibirsk I also have purchased your book and you on 100 % are right. Our medicine does not search for the parent, and eliminates symptoms and when we will be rebuilt. It is necessary to create such centres as you, and is as much as possible and that they were accessible to all. How much people are excruciated from parasites, and what at us very unfavorable region. Pisces of everyone at us, water bad.

Having read your book, I advise to all to be validated on parasites, but it not so is simple. After all to be validated under the Vega-test only at you it is possible, I am more about such anywhere did not hear.

Thank you for that you are though and it is far from us, but you help people. Come to us.

Yours faithfully to you, Valentina ».

In one of books on stories of Russia I have read mighty words imperiatritsy Catherine II never leaving Russia. She says that… In Russia there is everything to be healthy, organised, intelligent and rich. And I believe Ekaterina and more I believe in the countrymanen. Where you, Ivans, climb down from the ovens, saddle grey wolves and black horses… In Russia a misfortune — hearts-parasites have crept in souls, a brain and skew fields of people. And people at authority indulge in gluttony under sophisticated sign-boards — banks, buffet tables, picnics. Ring in alloying baskets. It is not over yet… For Russia!

I believe in you, muzhiks, and I love very much you. I know, will undertake and will salvage the children, will defend Russia from hordes of invisible parasites.



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1. Lettuce from a black redish

2. Kaka the oat

3. Tea with a chalk

4. Bread rye



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1. Sshshchhiz salty tomatoes

2. A beetroot and cabbage soup vegetarian

3. Gruel buckwheat

4. Tea with a lemon

5. Bread rye

6. Oranges


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